Shooting from the hip…

The kind of thing that perks us up!

It’s nice to come back from the Christmas break and hear some good news. You probably won’t know that we’ve been working with United Coffee since mid 2011, but it’s now official that Zest Creative are their chosen design partner in Ireland.

United Coffee is one of Europe’s largest coffee roasters, and distributors of coffee, coffee machines, and related services. Marketing collateral had been handled through the Head Office in the UK but as the Irish operation rapidly expanded there has been more and more of a need for autonomy here in Ireland. Initially we worked closely with the UK creative team in order to make sure our designs remained within the general brand guidelines, but once we proved our worth we’ve been allowed a little more room to show our creative ability. According to United Coffees’ Business Development Manager Sean Francis “Working with Zest has been a really positive experience to date. They listened to what we really wanted and then delivered it. What more would you want from your design agency? We really look forward to working with their team going forward”. We’ll second that!

“I believe humans get a lot done, not because we’re smart, but because we have thumbs so we can make coffee”
— Flash Rosenberg

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