Shooting from the hip…

Tom Dunne inspires 19″ of Vinyl Pleasure!

As lovers of the pure sound only found on vinyl albums, the team at Zest (well those of us old enough to remember) were excited, when as avid followers of the Tom Dunne Show on Newstalk, he decided to play only vinyl records during the whole month of June. His ‘Vinyl June’ idea got us thinking and we decided to commit the best part of Michael’s extensive rare catalogue of 7″ & 12″ singles & albums from the late 70′s through to the end of the 80′s to print, as a promotional piece for our Zest Publications division. Over a busy long weekend we photographed, colour corrected and cropped over 250 covers, then wrote & designed the 114 page casebound book as a homage to our love of all things vinyl. We then set about creating a very unusual dustjacket. First we photographed a luminous blue vinyl single (circa 1979) which we used as a base for the cover design. When we had the cover finished it was printed in full colour on clear self adhesive vinyl, which was then mounted onto clear acetate and finally attached thinly at each end to a white backing sheet. The idea was to give a see through effect to the dust jacket that mimicked the original vinyl record and happily it worked even better than we had planned! A short print run of 5 copies was printed and casebound and a copy was hastily dropped into Tom Dunne at Newstalk. Hopefully it will inspire him to spin a few of the discs featured (we’re happy to loan out whichever he fancies). Check out the finished product shortly on our website under Zest Publications/19″ of Vinyl. A special word of thanks to John Farrell & Tom Freeney without whose help this might not have happened.

“The four building blocks of the universe are fire, water, gravel and vinyl!
— Dave Barry (Pulitzer prize winning author)

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