Shooting from the hip…

Poetry anthology book goes to print

A special poetry book entitled “A Life In Verse” produced by our specialist division ‘Zest Publications’ has just gone to press. The 102 page casebound book was commissioned by the family of Jim Finnegan of Lusk, Co, Dublin on the occasion of his 70th birthday. Jim’s passion for verse began many decades ago and over the years he has given his insights on many issues, both national and personal in his own unique and witty style, always capturing the moment with the perfect amount of humour and sensivity. The project was a joint collaboration between Zest and our friend and colleague Brenda Corr of Copse Design in Wicklow, whom we work with on a regular basis. Zest created the cover concept & design and shot the photography, while Brenda was responsible for the design & layout of the text pages. It was a very enjoyable & fulfilling project to work on and we wish Jim many more happy year’s of writing on his way to Volume 2!

“A poet can survive anything but a misprint”
— Oscar Wilde

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