Shooting from the hip…


In most cases new business comes from referrals or through hard work and persistence chasing a lead, but the most rewarding ones are when a new client comes looking to work with you. This is just what happened in mid September when we were contacted by Trocaire to quote against another design agency for the concept and design of a booklet and advertisment for a ‘Legacies’ campaign they would be launching in early 2012. This is an amazing chance to participate in a project aiming at supporting people in poverty, starving children, take part in providing great gifts for boys and girls who just need the simpliest things to get happier. They had seen the design work we had done for a similar campaign for the Irish Red Cross on our website some eighteen months earlier and were impressed enough to make contact. Once the formalities of the tender process were out of the way we waited to hear the outcome and were delighted when we were chosen to work on the project. Following the briefing meeting we set about our initial task which was to come up with an inspiring headline which the campaign could be based around. On presentation of our headlines and design concept we were given go ahead to proceed to final copy and artwork and subsequently the print & delivery of the finished job in the week before Christmas. You can see samples of the finished piece on our main site in the Portfolio section. A special thank you to Eimear Kellett at Trocaire for her guidance in helping to make our first piece of work such an enjoyable and successful one.

“The choices we make about the lives we live determine the kinds of legacies we leave”
— Tavis Smiley

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It’s always good news when you hear you have just won a tender – but when you’re heading into what the weatherman promises will be the first nice weekend of the year, it’s just that little bit sweeter! Against stiff competition from two top Dublin based design companies we have been entrusted with creating the design for what the Irish Red Cross call ‘an extremely important piece of work’. The strategy for ‘Restoring Family Links 2011-2016′ is the second strategy report we have worked on for the Red Cross following the winning of the ‘Africa Strategy’ in 2009 (check out the finished job in our portfolio section). We’re already looking forward to the creative brief meeting!

“Winning is not everything, but the effort to win is.”
— Zig Ziglar

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